What if I fully close the door at the first attempt by habit?
The Slamstop system will determine that the door is fully closed and will not react. It only activates when the door is left ajar.
After you remove the inside door panel and then reassemble it, will it start making noises?
Specialists installing Slamstop door closers have large experience in installation of specialty equipment. If the installation is conducted correctly with the use of original fixings, such risks are eliminated.
What if my fingers get caught in the door frame?
If a Slamstop device senses anything in between the door and its frame, the mechanism will release the door and it will stop closing. This protective feature distinguishes a Slamstop device from most factory installed door closers.
Is there a risk that the installation will damage my car door and lead to its corrosion?
If you install the device in Slamstop-certified service centers, we guarantee that the specialists will only use high-quality materials resistant to environmental effects. Slamstop also provides a manual with detailed instruction on processing the technical holes.
Can I install a Slamstop door closer on my car myself?
Yes, but only if you are an expert with sufficient experience with car maintenance, you have bodywork and reinforcing skills, and thoroughly follow the installation technology. If you are not confident enough in your skills, you should entrust the installation of a Slamstop door closer to a certified specialist.
Is there technical documentation on installation of Slamstop door closers?
Yes, there is. It was developed for specialists working in authorized service centers.
Is there a list of tools required for Slamstop door closers’ installation?
Yes, there is. It is provided to specialists during training.
I’m a manager of a service center dealing with specialty-equipment, and I’d like to start installing Slamstop door closers. What are the options for training and certifying my staff for this?
Staff training is free of charge for our partners. The training effected only after signing the partnership agreement.
Training takes place in a training center at the Slamstop representative office in Moscow, and there is also an option of sending our instructor to our partners’ service centers.
We have developed an interactive course which contains detailed information and step-by-step description of the installation process.
How long does it take to install a Slamstop device?
On 2 doors – around 3 hours by the team of two experienced specialists (depending on the car technical specifications)
On 4 doors – around 6.5 hours by the team of two experienced specialists (depending on the car technical specifications)
Where is the device manufactured?
Slamstop soft closers are made in South Korea. The factory where they are made also manufactures automotive parts for KIA, HYUNDAI and GM car brands.
Does the installation of a door closer affect the warranty of auto body and paint of a new car?
The installation of a Slamstop door closer does not affect the warranty of auto body and paint. That means that all the front plates and body moldings are covered by the manufacturer warranty. Car manufacturer can limit the warranty on auto parts where a soft-close door device was installed with violations of the installation procedure.
Does the door closer installation affect the warranty on electrical equipment of a new car?
No, it doesn’t. Some car brands and models have power wires that enables direct connection to them. If this option is not available, mounting of separate wiring will be required. The wiring will lead directly to the automobile battery, without affecting standard units and power supply circuit.
Is it possible to install a Slamstop device if the automobile has a non-standard voltage system, for example, 24 Volts?
The installation of a Slamstop device on automobiles with voltage of 24 Volts is possible. These cars have a battery unit consisting of two batteries of 12 Volts each that are connected in series. In this case, the installation process is standard, but the device is connected to one of the batteries through autonomous wiring system.
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