SLAMSTOP is a leading company for designing and producing the Universal Soft Door Closer for vehicles.

Our distributor networks and customers readily accept the SLAMSTOP Universal Soft Door Closer based on its innovation, product quality and reliability. The business has grown and currently has representative offices in Europe, Middle East, South Korea and South East Asia, and is expanding.

SLAMSTOP is designed and innovated in Europe and produced in Korea.

SLAMSTOP system is in demand and is becoming popular worldwide. This is evidenced by the positive feedback from market research conducted, feedback from professional exhibitions and from our partners as well as. This shows that our product has found its exclusive niche among a large number of standard accessory equipment.

Every time you choose SLAMSTOP, you can be assured that, not only you have made an excellent choice, but the product you have chosen has been designed for your security, safety, comfort, satisfaction and peace of mind.

With the SLAMSTOP system, which is a feature currently only available in the “luxury and prestige” car segments, it can now be available and installed for most car owners.

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