install SLAMSTOP

You can install the SLAMSTOP device with the help of our authorized distributors. You can install it either on all four doors of your car, or only on two of them (left and right).

All specialists certified by SLAMSTOP have completed training and have many years of experience in installation of specialty equipment.

We do not recommend you to install the soft-close device by yourself, otherwise it will not be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

For the warranty period, kindly check with your local distributors as it may differ in different countries.

The installation of a SLAMSTOP soft-close device does not affect the warranty of auto body and paint.

That means that all the front plates and body molding are covered by the manufacturer warranty. Car manufacturer can limit the warranty on auto parts where a soft-close door device was installed with violations of the installation procedure.

The installation of a soft-close door device does not affect electrical equipment warranty of a new car.

Basic units and parts of SLAMSTOP.

LAMSTOP soft-close door devices are available in sets of two – for the right and the left door.

Delivery set of the device include:

  • Electric drive (left and right side)

  • Actuator (left and right side)

  • Control unit

  • Support cantilever

  • Door position sensor

  • Decorative-protective moldings

  • Magnet molding

  • Fastening kit

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