4 February 2015

SLAMPSTOP, a universal car door closer, was presented at the Custom Show Emirates 2015 held on March, 26-28th in Abu Dhabi (UAE). The international tuning exhibition Custom Show Emirates 2015 is the leader in the field of modification and tuning of automobiles, presenting new models of luxury and sport cars, modern design and the latest tendencies of exclusive automobile modification. The best automobile companies of the United Arab Emirates and other countries have presented external, internal and technical tuning solutions for modern cars of renowned brands. Participants of the exhibition became acquainted with the technical characteristics of SLAMSTOP car door closers and got professional consultations from the specialists of the project team. The main goal of SLAMSTOP door closers is to increase the level of comfort, reliability and safety of an automobile. SLAMSTOP could be installed on any standard or slider door no matter what car brand you own. Other advantages of the door closer include high quality of the components, which guarantees the security of the system operations, simplicity of installation – the door closer has hidden brakes, and long lifespan – SLAMSTOP could work for 30 000 cycles.

Please make sure that all purchases and installation of SLAMSTOP Universal Soft Door Closer is done at our Authorised Dealers. Otherwise, SLAMSTOP will not be responsible for the product’s performance and warranty.