23 June 2014

Slamstop company, developer and manufacturer of a universal car door closer, announces official distributor agreements. Development of a distributor network is one of the priorities for the company development, intended to satisfy a growing demand on the product and also provide high quality service based on integrated approach.

19 June 2014

We start the sales of the car door openers in Russia. Slamstop car door closers can make a difference to an automobile of any brand or class. They are compatible with all cars with regular doors: classical swing doors and even slider ones. SLAMSTOP door closers are available in a set of two devices – for left and right doors.

12 March 2014

 SLAMSTOP has voluntarily undergone certification in the U.S. and has successfully passed two tests: “Side Impact Protection” (static) and “Side Impact Protection” (dynamic)

Please make sure that all purchases and installation of SLAMSTOP Universal Soft Door Closer is done at our Authorised Dealers. Otherwise, SLAMSTOP will not be responsible for the product’s performance and warranty.