We start the sales of the car door openers in Russia. Slamstop car door closers can make a difference to an automobile of any brand or class. They are compatible with all cars with regular doors: classical swing doors and even slider ones. SLAMSTOP door closers are available in a set of two devices – for left and right doors. Price of a set is 15,750 rubles. After the purchase, the warranty period for 3 years is set for the new car and for two years for a used car. The device endures 30,000 cycles, which is approximately 10 years of exploitation. Such long endurance could be explained by simple, yet reliable design: SLAMSTOP consists of 6 elements, and its operating principle is based on power transmission chain from the electric drive to the working gear via cable. “We intend to sell 100 000 sets of Slamstop on the Russian market by the end of this year. Promoting a new product always requires a well thought-out strategy of development. Right now the company is actively involved in creating a distributor network in Russia. Potentially we are thinking about expanding the geography of sales in Russian, as well as creating a distributor network in North America, CIS, Middle East, Korea and Asia”, said Roman Gromov, Head of a Russian Representative Office.
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