International project team has presented a unique product – a universal car door closer SLAMSTOP at the “Automechanika Moscow powered by MIMS” exhibition held on August, 26-29 in 2013 in Moscow Expocentre. Renowned experts in the field of innovative solutions for automobiles have demonstrated key advantages of SLAMSTOP: functionality, practicality and high quality of the device. A car door closer enables smooth and silent automatic closure of car doors, increasing safety on the move and ensuring secure closing of doors. All of this makes driving even more comfortable. SLAMSTOP consists of just 6 construction elements that meet the requirements of safety, reliability, ergonomics, practicality and durability. Slamstop operating principle is based on power transmission chain from the electric drive to the working gear via a solid cable. Noise level of the car door closer is only 50 decibel, which amounts to a talk of an average volume. The door closer operates in a wide range of temperatures – from -40 to +85°С, which means it works in any climate conditions. SLAMSTOP device could be installed on every standard or slider door of any car make. The door closer is hidden inside the door panel which guarantees the integrity of automobile appearance. Plans on manufacturing, selling and distributing of SLAMSTOP in Russia have been discussed at a press conference on August, 27th. Andrei Dya, member of the Board of Directors, noted that by the end of 2013 a representative office of the company will be opened in Russia. It will form the marketing network and develop partnership programs with major Russian auto dealers and sellers of auto parts and accessories. SLAMSTOP production capacities will satisfy the demand of several million devices and increase output if needed in a short time. Aleksandr Abdullaev, Head of the logistics and production, has confirmed that the first deliveries of the product are planned for 2014 after similar presentations in Las Vegas at the SEMA Show, and in Shanghai at Automechanika Shanghai. Participants of the exhibition, involving leading specialists of the service, bodywork, auto-repair industries, got acquainted with technical specifications of SLAMSTOP and were consulted by professional consultants of the project team. «Automechanika Moscow powered by MIMS» gathered more than 1500 companies from 27 countries in 2013 and has once again proved its status of one of the biggest and most prestigious events in the field.

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